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The Joy of Farmers Markets

Saturday Mornings on Pender Island, BC

The Joy of Farmers Markets

Farmers markets, particularly those on the Gulf Islands, embody a spirit of joy and community rarely found elsewhere. Engaging with the artisans, bakers, and farmers there is a stark contrast to the lifeless routine of conventional shopping. It was here, among these vibrant, warm people, where we chose to introduce our hydrosols, a tribute to both our heritage and the commitment to preserving and protecting our beautiful island.

That first day at the market, under a gentle rain, we were enveloped in the island’s dynamic life. Our simple stall, a creation of passion and life, became a hub for sharing and learning. I found immense joy in discussing the nuances of plant harvesting and distillation, surrounded by the island’s knowledgeable plant enthusiasts, whose quiet demeanor belied their deep passion for gardening.

Our hydrosols represented not just the essence of our rural island, but also our family’s dedication to crafting high-quality, artisan plant distillations. My path in this venture seemed preordained, a journey of discovery rooted in my ancestral connection to plant medicine, and deepened by the profound experience of encountering my grandfather’s medicine chest in a Canadian museum. It was a clarion call from my ancestors, guiding me towards my destiny.

At the farmers market, our stall stood as a symbol of this legacy. Our hydrosols were more than fragrant mists; they were narratives, encapsulating our profound bond with nature and an urgent call to protect it. We aimed to create a space where people could reconnect with the earth and its true scents.

The market became more than just a venue for commerce; it was a place of connection and growth, the heartbeat of our island. It’s where we found our voice and began a journey that continues to evolve. We eagerly anticipate the day we meet you there, in this vibrant space of community.

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