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We strive, through every fresh drop of our hydrosols, to connect people with the actual essence of nature. We want to show that sustainable and helpful botanicals surround us and have a place in our lives. It's our hope that by fostering this connection, we will inspire conservation in minds and hearts with every mist.

Our work is inspired by our own journey back to nature…

Leaving the city behind we sought out Small Island life, and have since been amazed by the transformation in us and our children by reconnecting with our spectacular natural surroundings.

We want to inspire others to find their own nature-connection again.

We believe that people are living techno-stressed lives these days. We certainly did. But in our time living amongst plants, we’ve seen how taking the time to unplug has helped us regain balance.

Our work creating hydrosols  combines our shared loves of nature, science, mindfulness, art, and traditional methodologies, and turns them into pure plant mists that people love.

Co-founders Gina Whitfield and Michael Gariepy

Dear Friends,

As Gina and I embarked on the journey of creating West Coast Hydrosols, our dream was to encapsulate the essence of the Gulf Islands and share its spirit globally. Reflecting on the past six years, we are astounded by the tapestry of memories we’ve woven together with the thousands of you that have visited us at our market tables.

Our hearts swell with gratitude for every one of you who has joined us on this remarkable voyage. We cherish your companionship and support.

In a world increasingly dominated by synthetic ingredients and mass production, we pledge to you our unwavering commitment:

We promise to continue crafting the purest Hydrosols, conscientiously harvesting only what nature can spare, and upholding our dedication to small-scale, artisanal methods.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Michael + Gina

Freshness isn’t just a word for us; it’s our very important promise we make to you, our very important customer.

Our Guarantee To You
If you order a bottle from us and for any reason think it is not as fresh as we tell you it is,  you can return it to us and we’ll send you a replacement at no cost.