Hydrosols are nature’s way to safely and therapeutically micro-dose essential oils.  Discover the health benefits of using hydrosols for all ages.

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Our range of therapeutic-grade misters to heal and connect with nature.  From hair growth to anti-inflammatory mists.

Higher Self

Plant mists that soothe anxiety, promote mindfulness, and help explore our spiritual sides.

Organic Home

Functional plants for everyday use.  Organic solutions for cutting boards, yoga mats, and sports bags.

Living Smells, Therapeutic Medicines

Every Hydrosol we make is organic, hand-harvested, copper-distilled, and poured into our hand silk-screened bottles. We love the artisan tradition – even if it takes a little longer to make – the end results are worth it.  Living smells in unique bottles.  Every bottle is different – just like our customers.

Scientifically proven to make hair grow!

Rosemary Oil has been scientifically proven to promote new hair growth, strengthen existing hairs, and grow hair faster than modern drugs!

Our best-selling Rosemary New Hair Growth Tonic is packed with fresh micro-doses of Rosemary oil for your hair.

Whether you’re looking to thicken your hair, grow new hair, or balance an oily scalp, everyone should have Rosemary as part of their regime.

Have you ever wondered what a forest bath is all about?

Our freshly-distilled Douglas Fir Skin Tonic is packed with phytoncides – the chemicals released by trees that boost our own immune system.  It’s why you feel so good after a walk in the woods!

We’ve captured the forest in a tonic that goes to work on minor joint pain, skin irritations and redness, and allows your lungs to breathe deeper.

It’s a forest bath in a bottle!

Do you have a child that suffers from anxiety?  Are you a “big-kid” that has the night frets?

Made with fresh, organic lemon balm, our super-popular Wild Child Calming Mist goes to work as a mild anesthetic on the central nervous system, reducing anxiety and stress.

Shown to help increase focus and concentration in students, lemon balm is plant-helper extraordinaire in our modern world.

So many reasons to try a Hydrosol….

We’re on a journey to help people discover the therapeutic benefits of Hydrosols for themselves. Discover how Hydrosols will help increase your health, happiness, and self-love today.

  • Hydrosols are the natural way to use essential oils
  • Hydrosols are safe for all ages
  • Hydrosols are balanced to the pH of skin
  • Hydrosols contain the entire healing-spectrum of a plant, not just the fat-soluble oils
  • Hydrosols are safe for our micro-biome
  • Hydrosols reconnect you with plants
  • Hydrosols elevate your mood
  • Hydrosols make wellness goals easier to achieve
  • Everyone loves a cool, refreshing mist!
  • Hydrosols are environmentally friendly
  • Hydrosols are chemical and preservative free
  • Hydrosols are the sustainable alternative to pure essential oils
  • Hydrosols bring natural balance to your senses
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