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Purely Natural, Profoundly Potent

We only harvest and distill fresh plants, ensuring that our hydrosols retain nature’s unaltered magic. No skimming, no shortcuts.

Handcrafted with Heart

Every bottle emerges from a meticulous hand process, from copper distillation to silk-screening. We cherish the art of botanical craftsmanship.

Authenticity in Every Drop

We don’t blend or mix. When you choose West Coast Hydrosols, you experience the genuine essence of the plant, as nature intended.

Fresh Mists for Mind & Body

Our pure, organic, and fresh hydrosols offer therapeutic benefits, rejuvenating your spirit and soothing various ailments.

Rooted Beginnings

Our journey and inspiration in Hydrosols commences from our very core – The Gulf Islands. Here, in this unique micro-climate, nature bestows upon us the privilege to nurture the most exquisite plant ingredients. Through our deliberate and unhurried approach, these ingredients take center stage in our botanical mists.

Fresh Distillations For Your Inbox

Our fresh-first mentality means we are distilling and harvesting plants year round on our small island.

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Our Misters' Testimonials

Exquisite Mists, Real Scents

Every hydrosol we create starts with hand-harvested, fresh plants from our pristine Island.  We love the artisan tradition and exclusively craft small-batches of the finest plants we find.  This is nature as it was intended – sustainable and pure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrosols are a completely natural botanical product created through the process of steam distillation.

What set our hydrosols apart is their “raw” nature; we do not remove the natural essential oils from the distilled water. Each hydrosol is derived from a single plant, in a single batch, and consists of a single ingredient—pure and unadulterated.

During our copper steam distillation process, both the essential oils and water-soluble plant components are extracted from the plant material. The essential oils contain concentrated aromatic compounds and many of the therapeutic properties of the plant, while the water-soluble plant matter carries a rich array of beneficial compounds that aid in absorption.

Our hydrosols preserve the natural essential oils within the plants own waters – we never any mix or blend additional essential oils. No outsourcing here! This important distinction ensures that you experience the true essence of a single plant, with its unique benefits, in every mist.

Our hydrosols retain the total nutrients of the plant, including the water-soluble compounds. These beneficial compounds not only contribute to the delightful scent of our hydrosols but also provide a holistic and comprehensive experience of the plant’s essence.

Our hydrosols are exceptionally safe for most skin types and ages as they contain no preservatives, stabilizers, or alcohols. They are 100% organic in nature, providing you with a pure and authentic way to enjoy the complete spectrum of each plant’s essence.

At West Coast Hydrosols, we take pride in our deeply organic and sustainable approach.

We grow all our plants, diligently save our seeds, and use traditional copper stills for distillation. Our commitment to organic farming means no harmful pesticides are used, ensuring the safety and purity of our hydrosols. By sustainably sourcing and harvesting our plants, we avoid depleting natural resources, aligning with our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Every plant and tree ever used by West Coast Hydrosols is still alive today.

This meticulous process not only benefits the environment but also enhances the quality and purity of our hydrosols, offering you a product crafted with care and respect for nature.

In a word – no.  Not in the way most people know them.

West Coast Hydrosols are different because we distill specifically for hydrosols, preserving the natural balance of the plant and ensuring our products are rich in the plant’s essential oils. This unique method results in a perfect blend of water-soluble and oil-soluble components, enhancing absorption and efficacy, and offering a genuinely gentle experience for most skin types.

In stark contrast, the larger essential oil industry often resorts to practices that are environmentally damaging and unethical. High-temperature, mass production processes not only diminish the quality of the oils but also contribute to environmental degradation. Furthermore, these industrial methods sometimes rely on exploitative labor practices, akin to modern-day slavery, showing little regard for the well-being of the people involved. In contrast, our genuine, unfiltered hydrosols are a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility, capturing the natural essence of plants without harm to the planet or its inhabitants.

We adhere to these practices because we firmly believe in the importance of reconnecting people with authentic nature. Our philosophy is rooted in the conviction that acting sustainably is not just an ethical choice, but a crucial one for producing world-class hydrosols of the highest quality. By honoring the natural integrity of plants and the environment, we aim to offer a product that not only benefits our customers but also respects and preserves the natural world.

This commitment to authenticity and sustainability is at the core of everything we do at West Coast Hydrosols.


Our Hydrosols are not meant for use in essential oil diffusers.  The essential oils in our hydrosols are naturally occuring and perfectly balanced within the waters of the plant.  We crafte each hydrosol to a specific Ph balance to be gentle for direct use for most skin types. 

As a 100% freshly made, organic, made in BC product, you can experience a true plant mist without the need for carriers or diffusers.

Our hydrosols are made freshly, year-round as the plants and seasons allow us.  In keeping with our mantra “Fresh is Best”, we recommend you consume your hydrosol within a couple months of receiving it

Hydrosols should be stored in a cool, dark place to preserve their integrity.

Authentic hydrosols should always be bottled in dark coloured glass for UV protection.  

We often encourage people to store them in the fridge if you don’t think you’ll consume your hydrosol within a couple months.

Our hydrosols can be kept in at room temperature for 6 months without losing any efficacy.

our #1 bestselling new hair rosemary hydrosol

Grow Your Hair
Faster This Spring

Fresh is Best!  Our distillates are packed with micro-doses of volatile, living essential oils.

Every mist of New Hair Hydrosol stimulates blood flow, reduces androgen activity and follicle inflammation, and acts as a vasodilator to speed up hair growth.

Finally – it smells AMAZING.  Take our word for it, but every mist is like standing in a field of rosemary after a rainfall.  Heavenly!