Everything we make is from still-living plants which we harvest ourselves.

Each mist helps protect the Coastal Douglas Fir Rainforest.

Every hydrosol we create starts with hand-harvested, fresh plants from our pristine Island.  We love the artisan tradition and exclusively craft small-batches of the finest plants we find.  This is nature as it was intended – sustainable and pure.

Recapture your energy and awaken your senses anywhere with the power of the Douglas Fir.

Our freshly-distilled Douglas Fir Hydrosols are packed with phytoncides – the chemicals released by trees that boost our immune system and increase our wellbeing.  It’s why you feel so good after a walk in the woods!

We’ve captured the essence of the West Coast rainforest in a mist that goes to work removing fatigue and supporting our lungs.

It’s a forest bath in a bottle!

An Amazing Night’s sleep, with dreams to remember, this is no ordinary lavender mist…

Our Lucid Dreams Sleeping Mist is one of our few blends. We infuse our local French and Spanish lavenders with the magic of Mugwort, a dream recall aid.

A good night’s sleep with great dreams are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This all organic mist will ensure you’re getting both.

Rosemary will transform how your hair feels and looks.  It’s natures hair support system!

Our pure Rosemary distillates will quickly become your favourite hair tonic Rosemary will help reduce and balance oils, add volume, and speed up growth.

Our best-selling New Hair Hydrosol is packed with fresh oils from our seaside-grown organic rosemary plants.  No preservatives, no chemicals.  The perfect balance of Rosemary plant waters and the Rosemary oils.

Whether you’re looking to support your hair, add volume or balance an oily scalp, everyone should have Rosemary as part of their regime.

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What our customers are saying

  • It smells unlike any other product I've ever tried!  So completely fresh.  The most real ever.

    Suze P.
  • I'm obsessively misting my Douglas Fir hydrosol - it really feels like I am in the forest.  It smells sooooo fresh.

    Kathy W
  • Just so nice to deal with as always. The most genuine people and products around 🙂

    Kathryn M.
  • Wonderful wild crafted natural BC West coast products!!

    Mae R.
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