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Scenic View of Pender Island, BC, Canada

On our rural Gulf Island, nature doesn’t merely exist; it sings, dances, and charms.

Here, island time is not set by the ticking of clocks but by the gentle lapping of waves and the whispered conversations of ancient trees.  Here, in this unique micro-climate, nature bestows upon us the privilege to nurture the most exquisitely happy plants in the Pacific Northwest.         

For West Coast Hydrosols, our reverence for this land is palpable. Our family has been creating plant medicines for the body and spirit for over two hundred years.

In the gentle embrace of the earth, we plant seeds as our ancestors once did—each one a compact chronicle of resilience and an invitation to witness the unfurling of life’s green language.

With every seedling that reaches for the sun, we engage in a time-honored exchange of care and knowledge, embodying the patience and diversity that our ancestors revered. This is the garden’s lore—where the simple act of saving seeds becomes an uplifting chorus of continuity, echoing through time. This isn’t just about growing plants; it’s a joyous pact with nature, a way to stitch the wisdom of the wild into the quilt of our modern lives.

By saving each seed, we celebrate a legacy of splendor and sustainability, offering a nod to tradition while sowing the seeds of a perennial hope—a verdant rebellion against the rush of our fast-paced world. Here, in the humble act of gardening, we preserve not only the singular beauty of each plant but also the essence of life itself.

In the cultivation of our plants, we seek not merely the yield of their bodies but also the breath of their existence—their stories, their essence. They are grown with an organic touch, nestled gently within a cocoon of reverence and care. Our commitment transcends the realm of labels and accolades; it is a vow to honor the sacredness of soil and the purity of water.

Our family’s hands move in concert with the Earth’s rhythms, delicately harvesting each batch to ensure that the narrative of every leaf, every petal, is preserved in its most fragrant and untouched state.

We embrace the rarity of micro-batch harvesting, a careful dance designed to safeguard and embody the plant’s most ephemeral gifts—their volatile oils, often lost in the scale of industrial processing.

Every choice we make, from the careful selection of each plant to the precise timing of harvest and the gentle heat of distillation, is an intricate tapestry woven from personal wisdom and the rich threads of cultural heritage. This is the art of alchemy as taught by nature and narrated by tradition—a testament to the philosophy that when it comes to plants, the freshest, most genuine connections yield the richest scents and stories.

In the alchemy of our West Coast Hydrosols workshop, we turn to the slow, deliberate craft of the ancients.

Copper stills—our trusted allies—stand ready to distill not just the fragrance but the very essence of our hand-selected flora. This is where the magic happens, where the elements of earth, water, fire, and air converge in a delicate ballet, conducted by the wisdom of tradition.

As steam rises and condensers hum, a narrative unfolds—a story distilled from the core of the botanical world. Each hydrosol is a symphony of nature’s elements, composed with meticulous care. It is a symphony that resonates with the authenticity of the craft, creating a connection that transcends the simplicity of scent.

With West Coast Hydrosols, you’re not just experiencing a scent; you’re engaging with a piece of heritage, a whisper of the earth preserved. It’s the distillation of nature’s chorus, captured and shared, inviting your senses to partake in the timeless ritual from land to bottle.

Choosing West Coast Hydrosols is an embrace of purity, a celebration of artistry, and a return to the revered traditions of ancient herbal wisdom.

We are more than creators; we are the devoted custodians of a legacy, crafting mists that are not merely products but artifacts of nature’s art. In every bottle, there is a harmonious blend of past and present, an artful act of reconciling with the timeless medicines that the earth has offered since time immemorial.

Our hydrosols don’t simply speak; they resonate with the depth of a gallery’s masterpiece, whispering the old truths of nature in subtle, profound notes. We’ve taken the canvas of the natural world and imbued it with the finesse of a plant artist’s touch, presenting you with a world-class mist—a pure distillation of botanical integrity.

At West Coast Hydrosols, each creation is an artist’s gesture of respect to the earth’s ancient remedies, a blend of the sacred and the scientific. We offer you an experience that is as much a tribute to the earth’s bounty as it is an invitation to indulge in the superlative art of nature.

Freshness isn’t just a word for us; it’s our very important promise we make to you, our very important customer.

Our Guarantee To You
If you order a bottle from us and for any reason think it is not as fresh as we tell you it is,  you can return it to us and we’ll send you a replacement at no cost.