New Hair Hydrosol


Reduce Excess Oil. Stop Shedding. Add Volume.

Rosemary is our go-to for plants that aid our hair.

Rosemary is a vasodilator – naturally increasing circulation to our scalp it helps cool inflamed and damaged hair follicles, helping your hair become it’s healthiest.

We’ve captured the potency of Rosemary in our always-fresh New Hair Hydrosol.

Our New Hair Hydrosol is a pure Rosemary distillation. Each mist is packed with a balanced dose of Rosemary oil and will help thicken hair, reduce excess oils, and has even been shown to slow greying.

It will make your hair feel alive and healthy as it goes to work fighting free radicals on your scalp, allowing your hair to breathe naturally.

The secret of our Hair Tonic is freshness.  Every bottle is hand-harvested and distilled on the same day, preserving the potent and energetic qualities of the fresh Rosemary.

The fresh distillate waters are the perfect carrier for the Rosemary oil, giving additional hair protection and making our hydrosols safe for anyone to use.

Micro-dosing.  Less is more.

Salvia rosmarinus
(Pure seaside-grown Rosemary officinalis)

SIZE 120mL (4 Oz)

As always – no preservatives, hand harvested, organic, & copper-distilled.  All plants are still alive 🙂


  1. Susan Bailey

    I brought this at a trade show in Abbottsford and have been using it for just almost 3 weeks what a great product my hair feels so different and is already starting to grow back in balding areas. I will for sure recommend this product!!

    • Mr.Mister

      Susan! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the rosemary and thank you so much for the review – we love hearing from people who are seeing the difference! Hope to see you again sometime. Cheers, Mr. Mister!

  2. MJ

    I purchased this at the VIM show last Dec 2018 and have used about 1/2 the bottle and really (REALLY) love it.
    May I make a suggestion…can you also offer a bottle dropper top for this product (either instead of OR in addition to the spray bottle top) as I find that with a dropper top, I can specifically add it to the thinning areas of my scalp. Laslty, thank you for making this lovely product. 🙂

    • Mr.Mister

      MJ! Thanks so much for your kind comments – I’m so happy you’re enjoying it. That is a great suggestion and thanks for your feedback. We’ll look into how we might be able to do that as an option! Cheers, Mr.Mister

  3. Leanne Ryder

    Phenomenal product! I have suffered from a lot of Postpartum hair loss and just wanted the tiny regrowth to speed up and I have to be honest i was impressed. I went through a bottle not even spraying as much as the instructions said and my regrowth grew almost 2 inches in about 1 month. Ive always used rosemary (essential oil) and never had results this awesome. You can smell and feel the freshness. Im obsessed!

  4. Bryan Sergeeff

    It seemed to produce some small amounts of hair on the top of the scalp where it was balding.

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