Grows hair 25% faster
Thicken and grow new hair
Reduces oils

Grow and thicken any hair with our therapeutic-grade Rosemary New Hair Growth Tonic.

Packed with microdoses of fresh, living Rosemary oils, our Hair Tonic stimulates hair growth, slows greying, and strengthens hair at its roots.

The Rosemary in our New Hair Growth Tonic is freshly-distilled year round and will leave your hair feeling alive all day long.

The science behind Rosemary and Hair.

A 2016 study on rosemary oil found that in just 6-months of twice daily application, rosemary oil significantly increased scalp hair count.

In fact, rosemary oil actually grew more hair than the study’s control group that were using a 2% minoxidil (Rogaine) solution.

It’s true – nature wins again!


Fresh is Best!  Our distillates are packed with micro-doses of volatile, living essential oils.

Our living tonics have a shelf life of about 12 months, and every bottle we send out is freshly made within the previous couple of weeks.

Every mist stimulates blood flow, reduces androgen activity and follicle inflammation, and acts as a vasodilator to speed up hair growth.

Finally – it smells AMAZING.  Take our word for it, but every mist is like standing in a field of rosemary after a rainfall.  Heavenly!

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