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West Coast


Musings on Plants, life, and running a small business

Saturday Mornings on Pender Island, BC

The Joy of Farmers Markets

The Joy of Farmers Markets Farmers markets, particularly those on the Gulf Islands, embody a spirit of joy and community rarely found elsewhere. Engaging with the artisans, bakers, and farmers there is a stark contrast to the lifeless routine of

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Spotting Fakes: A Rant About Fake Botanicals

How can you spot real hand-made local botanicals in a world filled with fakes? In the Pacific Northwest, on a remote island, we’ve spent almost ten years mastering the art of crafting plant-based remedies. Our days are a whirlwind of

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The Story of Our Logo

How Our Logo Became More Than Just Branding I recently read an article about the importance of logos for businesses, and it got me thinking about our own path to creating one for West Coast Hydrosols. I want to share

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