Eye Love



In a world filled with screens, it’s time for you to give your eyes some love.

Our Eye Love Hydrosol is a hero for techno-stressed eyes.

Wild rose is a natural humectant – helping attract moisture to the eyes and eyelids and offers immediate relief for tired and over-worked eyes.

Loved by anyone who uses a computer, owns a cell phone, or just finished binge watching their favorite tv show.

Rosa nutkana
(Pure Nootka Rose Petals + Nootka Rose hips)

SIZE 60mL (2 Oz)

As always – no preservatives, hand harvested, organic, & copper-distilled.¬† All plants are still alive ūüôā


  1. Shirley Chan

    I bought one from Granville island and found it very good for my dry eyes and now I would like to order another.

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