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Wild Rose Facial Toner


A wildly luxurious mist. Each unique bottle of our Wild Rose Hydrosol contain a minimum of 1000 hand picked petals.

The Nootka Rose – the indigenous rose of the Pacific Northwest – is treasured worldwide for it’s delicate scent and skin healing properties.  Our home on Pender Island is a paradise for the Nootka Rose, with a plethora of wild rose bushes covering the island.  We look forward to our special time outdoors in the spring visiting our favourite locations and soaking up the springtime air.

We often share our time with roses with the bees, who bathe themselves in the yellow pollen centres, rolling happily on their backs and wiggling their stingers in the air.

As we harvest, we are mindful of the needs of the bees, and harvest to leave at least 1/3 of petaled flowers intact and ready for the next round of fuzzy yellow visitors.

Rosa nutkana
(Pure Nootka Rose Petals)

SIZE 120mL (4 Oz)

As always – no preservatives, hand harvested, organic, & copper-distilled.  All plants are still alive 🙂


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