Wild Child Calming Mist


Support critical brain functions while stripping away stress and anxiety with this organic Lemon Balm.

Re-discover your inner peace with Lemon Balm’s soothing embrace.  Our Wild Child Calming mist isn’t just for kids.  Lemon Balm’s sweet, summer-fresh scent works to improve anyone’s mood by gently stimulating our central nervous system.


Lemon Balm is especially safe for kids and has been shown in clinical studies to increase the focus and attention spans in participants.

From toddlers to young adults, Lemon Balm soothes anxiety and helps a child’s true personality to emerge.  Lemon Balm is currently being studied to combat symptoms associated with Nature and Attention Deficit Disorders with promising early results.

Melissa officinalis
(Pure seaside-grown Lemonbalm)

SIZE 120mL (4 Oz)

As always – no preservatives, hand harvested, organic, & copper-distilled.  All plants are still alive 🙂



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