Deeper breathing
Forest Bathing

The friendly, forest smell of our Douglas Fir Skin Tonic will take you away.

Douglas Fir has been long recognized for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and this skin tonic is aimed at people who are looking for relief from minor joint pain, skin irritations, or breathing difficulties.

Douglas Fir was used by the First Nations on our islands as a healing elixir and considered it a scared tree.

Today we understand that the trees are loaded with tannins, Vitamin C, and anti-stringent and anti-bacterial oils.

The power of a Forest Bath, anywhere.

The science of the connection between nature and health is revealing encouraging results. Research studies have found positive correlations between time in nature and strengthened immune system, increased energy, decreased anxiety, depression and anger, reduced stress and improved sleep.

One of the key benefits of forest bathing is “breathing in the the forest’s natural aromatherapy. Plant chemicals known as phytoncides have been found to boost the immune system. Evergreens like pine trees, cedar, spruce and conifers are the largest produces of phytoncides.

Douglas Fir Body Mist

Push back the winter blahs, breathe easier, and soothe your body with this daily, all over body mist.

Freshly distilled and packed with micro-doses of living essential oils, our therapeutic hydrosols will delight your senses and heal your body.
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