how we’re fighting to preserve the coastal douglas fir rainforest

We’ve dedicated our business to the preservation and protection of some of our planet’s most biodiverse coastal forests – right here in our own backyard.


An Ecosystem We Can Save

The Coastal Douglas Fir Forest is one of the most biodiverse and important coastal forest ecosystems in the world.

It is home to hundreds of plant species, including the mighty Douglas Fir tree, the Garry Oak, the Western Red Cedar, and the Flowering Dogwood.

This watershed forest filters the air and hosts thousands of animal and insect variety, which rely on the strong forest system to support them.

And it’s endangered…but it’s not too late to save it.


What is Happening to the forest?

In a word – fragmentation.

The Coastal Douglas Fir Rainforest lies in a highly desirable place for humans to live – it’s mild, close to the ocean, and beyond beautiful.

Urbanization of the region has left the forests to exist as “islands” in a sea of human-driven change.

The Coastal Douglas Fir Rainforest is now the smallest of BC’s 14 identified ecosystems in the Bio-geoclimatic Ecosystem Classification system.  

The Mighty Douglas Fir Tree

Did you know that the Douglas Fir is the preferred tree for nesting Bald and Golden Eagles?  The reason – the Douglas Fir is one of the few trees strong enough to hold their nests, which can weigh up to one ton!

How does fragmentation harm the forest?

Two of the most important flora species found here are the Douglas Fir tree and the invisible, but essential, mycorrhizal fungi.

Both of these flora species are known as apex co-operators – they support the forest like nothing else.

The mycorrhizal fungi uses its vast system of filaments to aid the forest dwelling plants in absorbing nutrients – while they themselves act as a toxin filter for the plants.

The Douglas fir is uses its root system to deliver nutrients to fellow plants, and houses a multitude of birds.

The long-term health of these forests are directly linked to the ability of these species to be connected to one another.

How can we fix it?

We are using our resources – our business, our voice, and our sales – to support projects which reconnect this fragmented forest system.

We believe the best way for this to happen – in a world that cares about ownership – is to purchase and protect strategic land corridors which connect the forest.

It won’t be easy – but we’re going to do our part.


Making a difference

Every Hydrosol we make is hand-harvested from a still-living tree.

We’re giving 10% of our profits to projects that reconnect Coastal Douglas Fir Forests through the purchase of protected land corridors. 

It’s what we call Trees Saving Trees!

Support our efforts by purchasing any of our beautiful hand-crafted distillates.

Trees saving trees –

reconnecting the forest and you

This campaign is made possible by YOU.

We love and are deeply connected with the forest that surrounds us.  We want to preserve it for our kids, and every future generation.

Our hydrosols are made without preservatives, from living trees.  In this tradition, we are trying to capture the perfection of these plants without changing a thing.

Visit our Shop Page to find your mist and help some Trees Saving Trees.


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