We believe that plants are here to help support our health and happiness. We’re passionate about preserving old growth forests, our sustainable harvesting techniques, and making the purest fresh-plant distillations in the world.

We also believe that everyone would be much happier if they spent more time sitting amongst some trees.  (Our hydrosols are a pretty good substitute though.) 😉    

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each finely-distilled hydrosol we create
is made to re-connect you with nature. here’s how.

It begins and ends with living plants. We hand-harvest every petal from in-season plants, selecting the finest plants exclusively on pristine Pender Island, BC.

Rekindling a centuries-old artisan tradition, we then distill these select plants in hand-crafted copper kettles in small, limited-run batches one drop at a time.

Adhering to tradition, we leave the fresh & raw essential oils intact in each bottle, using the pure plant waters to carry the oils. No preservatives. No supply chains. Pure plants from source to you.


Raw Hydrosols are the most ethical way to get the benefits of a plants essential oils. 

Properly balanced hydrosols are safe for our skin and people of all ages. They are the original way we used plants for therapeutic benefits and use a fraction of the plant material required for pure essential oil extraction. 

Essential oils on the other hand, can burn skin with their potency and are unrepresentative of natural exposure to plants.

Their popularity are incredibly taxing on the environment.  Considering that it takes 30-50 roses to make a single drop of essential oil, and that many of these oils are created in industrial factories, it is not hard to see how essential oils are unsustainable. 

Every hydrosol we make is made from fresh plants here on Pender Island, BC – we hand pick only what we need for each batch, and leave every plant we touch alive and ready to be visited again!

Learn more about our Trees Saving Trees campaign here.


Our work is inspired by our own journey back to nature.

Leaving the city behind in favour of small Gulf Island life, we have been amazed by our re-connection to these spectacular natural surroundings.
We want to inspire others to find their own nature-connection again.

We believe that people are living techno-stressed lives these days. We certainly did. But in our time living amongst plants, we’ve seen how taking the time to unplug has helped us regain balance. Our work creating hydrosols has turns our shared loves of nature, science, mindfulness, art, and traditional methodologies into pure plant mists that people love.

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